Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About HyHop

What is Hyhop?
HyHop is a hyperlocal shopcab service offering short distance travel needs, with a goal of serving the local community in their local travel needs. We offer free rides to customers if they shop at one of our local stores partnered with us.

For Merchants: We bring Customers, Sales and Technology
For Customers: We bring convenience, Savings and Experience
What does the word HyHop stand for?
HyHop stands for Hyperlocal Hopping. You can hop around different places in our ShopCabs (we call the cars as ShopCabs) within and around the locality (Hyperlocal).
How is HyHop helpful to me in my daily life?
HyHop brings in convenience of travel and money saving deals to you when you would like to go out and shop at your favorite place or your preferred restaurant. The travel fares are very nominal and many a times , just free of cost.
Where can I travel using HyHop ShopCabs?
Practically anywhere within a distance of 10 KMs. We are focused on taking you to a Commercial destination in a very comfortable and convenient way.
Are HyHop ShopCabs available only for shoppers?
No, our services are available for all. But the icing on cake is that for shoppers who meet the Minimum Purchase Criteria at our partner merchants, the ride is free of cost, save money on the shopping items. All we charge you is a SMILE on your face.
How different is it from CAB AGGREGATORS?
We are very unique compared to the taxi apps you have been using. We are unique in terms of pricing and supporting your local community and businesses. We are a Hyper local shopcab service for short distance travel needs. We are different in many ways, for example, HyHop cannot be booked for going to Airport or Railways station that is more than 10 KM away from your home, nor can it be booked to meet a friend who stays 20 Km away from your home or office . You should book HyHop whenever you want to go to your favorite Mall, supermarket, your nearby grocery store , your favorite restaurant , a bar that you enjoy to go with your friends , a Salon just before your party , or a Play Arena for your kids to enjoy , a Vet for your pets ...its endless....
In which cities does HyHop operate currently?
We are currently in selected areas in Bangalore and will spread our wings to other cities soon.
Any plans to expand to other cities?
Yes, we want to serve everyone who finds a value in our service .We are making sure that we serve our customers in Bangalore very effectively for now.

Sign up and Profile

Do I get a free ride if I sign up?
As an initial offer for a limited time period, you are eligible for free ride/s if you sign up. You can see the free trips added to your Trip tank within the app.
How can I sign-up for HyHop?
HyHop is very easy to sign up; 1) Just download the "HyHop" app and sign up using your email and Phone Number 2) Facebook account 3) Gmail account.
How can I manage my profile?
After you sign in to the app, you can manage your profile from the Profile Page.
How can I refer a friend?
That’s great, you like our app and service, please go ahead and refer a friend. We have made it easy for you to do it from our App, go to Top Right Corner and you can click on the menu item "Refer A Friend " and there you go . You can start referring us quick and fast your Gmail contacts, Facebook friends, WhatsApp friends etc. The best part is you get some free rides when you refer.
Do I get a free ride if I refer a friend to HyHop?
Yes, you help us spread our message and we appreciate that, we give you free rides as a token of our appreciation.
What to do if I do not get the OTP (One Time Password)?
In very rare case, if you are not receiving the OTP, please request another OTP from the link on the OTP screen.
Where can I get the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy?
On the sign up screen you can see the hyperlinks to our Terms and Privacy pages. You can get the same on

Referral program

Can I refer my friends to HyHop services?
We rely on loyal customers like you to spread the good work that we do for the local communities and local businesses.Within your app, you can refer your friends.
Do I get Free rides if I refer my friends to HyHop services?
Yes, to encourage you to refer us to your friends, we deposit into your Trip Tank free ride/s.

Shopping Discounts

What kind of shopping discounts are available through HyHop?
Discounts and Deals, we will keep informing you about the deals and discounts from our partner merchants as and when they run such programs. You can browse the deals within our app or access them in the in-app notifications. Do not miss the great deals and discounts we keep informing you from time to time.
How much is the discount?
It depends on what our partner merchants offers, and please remember we will have special deals and discounts exclusive to HyHop time to time. We will make sure we inform them to you in advance.
Is discount always available at all HyHop’s affiliate stores?
You are always and always eligible for a free ride to the partner store if you meet the purchase Criteria, whether or not they are driving discounts that point of time.

Affiliate stores

What are the stores associated with HyHop providing discount coupons?
You can see all the affiliate partner merchant stores and the deals they are offering currently within our app once you login.
What kinds of stores are associated with HyHop?
We have most categories of stores partnered with us which include Malls, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Super Markets, Coffee hangouts, Salons, Spas, Doctor Clinics and many more where ever you can save money on the discounts.
Where do I find minimum purchase criteria for a store?
After you sign in to our app, you can see all the affiliate partner merchants’ stores and their minimum purchase criteria to avail a free ride.

Book a ride

Can I book a ride to locations other than HyHop's partner merchants?
Yes, you can book a ride to either partner merchants or to a custom address or popular destinations of your choice.
How can I book a ride with HyHop shopcab?
Once you sign in to the app, you can book a ride through couple of simple clicks. You can book to one of our partner merchants or to a custom destination by clicking on the STEP OUT button. You can choose a partner merchant from the pins on the map or from the deal slider on top of the map or click on the search icon to search for stores and deals they are offering currently.
How much time in advance should I order the shopcab?
It’s On Demand, you can book the shopcab when you decide to take the ride. However as many people are booking the shopcab , it would be a good idea to book a shopcab , 15-20 mins from the time you want to take the ride. In the near future, you will have options for advanced booking.
Can I book a ride for only pickup or drop?
Yes, you can book either one way or two way. When you book for the return trip, you will get fare discount. So the more you ride the more discounts and free trips.
Will I get the driver information after the booking is confirmed?
Once your booking is confirmed, you will be given the name of the Driver, the Cab Number and the estimated time of arrival of the shopcab to your pick up location.
How do I know if I want to visit a place which falls outside HyHop service area?
If you cannot see the place within a Blue Circle in our app, you know that the location you want to travel to does not fall in our service area. With your support, hope we can accommodate your travels needs outside of our current service area soon.
Can the shopcab drop me at some other location I prefer after shopping and not my home from where I was picked up?
Yes, that is possible. You just need to book like it is a new one way ride to your new destination.
How do you ensure safety of women passengers?
To ensure women safety, we give the female riders a power of choice on whether or not to accept a male as a co-passenger. We have a very unique gender ride matching algorithm in our app to take care of this. Safety of all our passengers is our highest priority.


Are HyHop ShopCabs safe to travel?
Yes, our ShopCabs are absolutely safe. We are ensuring that your safety is our priority. All our drivers are background checked and Police Verified. All our ShopCabs will have Panic Alarms and Radio Sets which are always On and can be used by a passenger if security is compromised (These are not accessible to the drivers) . All the rides are tracked at our Control Centre through GPS. Just to re-assure, safety and security of our customers is HyHop's highest priority.
How do you guarantee Hygiene in the Cab?
The ShopCabs will be cleaned and sanitized every start of the day. The drivers will be trained to maintain personal hygiene and will be monitored regularly for hygiene standards. If a passenger happens to travel with pets, a thorough sanitization will be conducted before the next ride. (Pets rides are not shared rides)
What are some of the in-shopcab features?
Shuttles will have back seat video screens. These screens will play the videos and animations of the various deals and discounts being offered in your area. It will also run commercials from the merchants in your area. The screen will also show a moving map of your ride .


How do I pay for the ride?
You have flexibility to pay through the Paytm or through Cash. You can load pre-paid rides into your trip tank. We will charge you for the ride and will reimburse the fee if you meet the Minimum Purchase Criteria at our partner store. The store receipt should show a line item that you are referred by HyHop.
What are the charges for the ride?
We do not charge anything from you if you take a ride to a partner merchant and fulfill their Minimum Purchase Criteria. However, if you do not make a purchase or do not meet the Minimum Purchase Criteria, we charge you a very nominal fee of Rs 30 for one way ride up to 5 KM and Rs 50 for a round trip. A value of Rs 30 is deducted from your trip tank (or cash) when you aboard the Cab and subsequently refunded to you after you complete the purchase meeting the Minimum Purchase Criteria.
Do you accept any eWallet payments?
Yes, we accept Paytm.
Where can I check how many free rides or pre-paid rides I have in my account?
After you sign in, go to the menu item "Trip Tank" in the top right corner. Here you can check if you have any free rides and how many pre-paid rides you have. Also, here you can purchase rides using eWallet (Paytm).

Travelling with HyHop

How far can I travel with a HyHop shopcab?
HyHop area of service is 10 KM from your current location. The 1st 5 KM is charged at Rs 30 for one way ride and Rs 50 for a round trip. After the first 5 KM upto 10 KM, additional fare is Rs 5/KM. Again, a round trip up to 5KM can be completely free when you go to a partner location and fulfill the minimum shopping criteria.
How do I know if HyHop ShopCabs are available in my area?
We update our website with the locations we are serving in the selected cities. On opening the app, you will be seeing notification if your current location is not under our current service area.
Are HyHop rides free?
Yes, it will be free if you meet the minimum purchase criteria of the merchant you are going to. If you do not meet the Minimum Purchase Criteria or do not make a purchase, then you will be charged a nominal fee of Rs 30 for One Way trip and Rs 50 for a Round Trip for the first 5 KM and Rs 5/KM after 5 KM up to 10 KM.
Do I have to buy something to travel with HyHop?
You do not have any obligation to buy something to travel with HyHop.
Are HyHop drivers reliable and safe?
Yes, all drivers are background Checked and Police Verified.
How do I call the shopcab driver?
Within the app, you have an option to call the driver while you are waiting for the shopcab to arrive.
Are ShopCabs available only during a certain time of the day?
Our ShopCabs operate between 10 AM to 10 PM 7 days a week.
Will I be the only one in shopcab while commuting?
It’s a shared shopcab service, however you can choose to book the entire shopcab for yourself. We charge a convenience fee if you decide to have the whole shopcab to yourself.
Maximum how many people may share the shopcab?
Rare, but a maximum of 4 (including you) may share the shopcab in a pool/shared ride.
Will the shopcab wait for me till I complete my shopping?
Once the shopcab drops you to your destination, it will be serving other customers in the vicinity, while you complete your shopping. You can call back the shopcab through the app after you decide to get a return ride.
How do I ensure that driver in not deviating from the route?
The driver will follow the shortest possible route based on the Google Maps . You will be able to see the route live on the backseat video screen provided in the shopcab and also within your app. When the driver need to pick up another passenger enroute, the driver might take a deviation up to 1 KM of the ongoing route to pick up another passenger for the shared ride.
What is the black Radio kind of thing I see in the shopcab?
Its a Two-way Radio which connects all the ShopCabs on the HyHop network through a Radio Network. This ensures that even with an absence of Mobile Data or Voice Network, all ShopCabs activities are tracked for your safety. This is an additional Safety feature in the HyHop Shuttles.
Can I Carry my pet/s in the Cab?
Yes, you can. If you decide to carry your pet, you have to book the entire shopcab exclusively for yourself and you will need to pay a nominal convenience charges. In order to maintain high Hygiene standards of the shopcab, we always sanitize the shopcab after a pet is carried preparing for the next ride.
How does the gender matching work?
To ensure that the safety of female passengers, if there is a ride request from a male passenger, then we intimate the female passenger if they are comfortable to share the ride with a male co-passenger. Upon their consent, the shopcab picks up the male co-passenger. If the response is No, then we will not put a male passenger in the shopcab along with the current female passenger. Instead we will assign a different shopcab for that male passenger.
Why do I need to upload my shopping receipt?
We need you to upload the shopping receipt to know if you have done the minimum purchase criteria. Based on that we will reimburse you for the ride and make it a free trip.
How can I upload my shopping receipt to qualify for the free ride?
You can upload the receipt by going to trip tank. Our drivers are also trained to help you upload from their version of the app. Drivers have access to a portable scanner within the shopcab to have a clear image of the receipt even if it is long.
How can I upload a long receipt?
Best thing to do is to request the drivers to upload the receipt as they have access to a portable scanner within the shopcab to have a clear image of the receipt even if it is long. If you want to upload the receipt by yourself please take multiple photos of the receipt section by section without losing any portion and upload all of those. Or another method is just take one photo of the receipt so you have all the receipt shows up within your camera, even if it is long.


Whom can I contact for help?
Call at 9886868815 or send email at
I cannot find my answer here: what do I do?
If you cannot get an answer here or need help, please contact and we will respond to you at the earliest.

Social responsibility

Is HyHop socially responsible?
Yes, HyHop's main goal is to build a strong network on local communities, its people and businesses. We address the needs of people by saving money on their purchases by offering discounts, offers. For the local businesses, we bring customers to their doorstep and thus increase sales. Also, our passenger safety is our highest priority. We have features to ensure safety and security of our women passengers.